Nightmare is back

The main nightmare is back! Freddy Krueger, who brutally kills teenagers inside their dreams, gotten to you. But you are lucky that the nightmare is collective, that means you have a chance to save your live. You need only one thing - to wake up as soon as possible... You have only one hour to get out of the nightmare or Freddy will come for you!
* Age limit: players under 16 years must be accompanied by parents.
Difficulty 6/10
60 minutes
For escape the room
2 – 5 players
Possible number of players in room
Players from 8 to 16 only with parents

Real-live escape adventure starts here!

2 players – 44€ (22€ x 2)
3 players – 54€ (18€ x 3)
4 players – 64€ (16€ x 4)
5 players – 70€ (14€ x 5)
The price per game depends on the number of players. You can book online and pay either in cash on the spot or in advance online.
If you are a larger group and want to book several rooms, please fill in the contact form just choose your favorite games and desirable day. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Please plan for a total visit of 90 minutes

Please be sure to arrive on booked time

The game can be played in Spanish or English

Free cancellation is possible until 24 hours before
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