Keeper of Ring

Gandalf made a mistake... the Dark Lord Sauron was able to discover where the Ring is hidden, much earlier than the Council of mages. Bilbo had left, but Frodo is not yet aware of his hardships of the Great Test. Your task — be in time to find the Ring and carry it out of the hole Bagginses before the Nazgul overtake you...
Difficulty 7/10
60 minutes
For escape the room
2 – 5 players
Possible number of players in room
Players from 8 to 16 only with parents

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2 players – 44€ (22€ x 2)
3 players – 54€ (18€ x 3)
4 players – 64€ (16€ x 4)
5 players – 70€ (14€ x 5)
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