MasterExit opens you the door to the world of bright emotions

The spacious rooms equipped with technology and creativity - all for great escape adventures!

Are you tired of typical dinners, birthdays and meetings with
your friends in a bar? Let's try a new form of adventure to
spend a special day with your friends and family!

Thanks to our 5 escape rooms we can arrange all kinds of
private events such as birthday, anniversary, student party,
bachelorette party and so on. Our schedule for special
events are flexible. If you liked this idea and you want to
know more, please contact us for more details.


Looking for original place for Team Building activity in

MasterExit location is a great place to play quests for a big company. In the
same space we have collected 5 of the best quests with original scenarios
and unique puzzles. Live escape rooms and unusual team games becoming
more popular, and now they are not only for small teams but also for big
companies and work groups.
Team building - is a great opportunity to originally celebrate Birthday of
company or industry holiday in the game form. During exciting games all
employees will learn effectively work as a team, better understand and
support each other, coordinate actions and opinions.
The main task — to unite the team, improve mutual understanding between
colleagues, make company's management closer to other employees, as
well as to improve the overall efficiency of joint activities.
Private corporate event full of adventure and mystery that you will remember
for a long time, competition and sharing emotions will perfectly enhance the
communication of any team!

MasterExit benefits you can get:
5 escape rooms
5 teams (up to 30 players) against each other at the same time.
Comfort, cozy seating area, lockers for clothes and valuables.
Space for your company branding.
Package of necessary documents and payment method convenient for you.
Closed place for full time of your event, so that nothing distracts you from the games.
Convenient location (Valencia, Calle Serrano Flores, 10).
Please introduce yourself
Our contacts:
46010, Valencia,
Calle Serrano Flores, 10
Phone: +34 963 123 863
WhatsApp: +34 663 237 177

We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 to 23:00