Our contacts

We are open 7 days a week
from 11:00 to 23:00
Please don't be late for game!
It will be very cool, if you and your team will come 10 minutes before the booked time. Thanks to this you will be able to prepare for the game and pass the necessary instructions.
If you'll come 15 minutes late, the game will be cancelled and your money can't be refunded. To avoid this type of trouble, we advise you to use a public transport, walk on foot or have an extra time to find a parking place.
Adress: 46010, Valencia,
Calle Serrano Flores, 10

Phone: +34 963 123 863
WhatsApp: +34 663 237 177

E-mail: hello@masterexit.com

How to arrive:
  • EMT: 32, 10, 80, 79, 12
  • Metro: estamos a 2 minutos de la parada de metro Aragón ( líneas 5 y 7)
  • Valenbisi: estaciones nº 78 (Aragón - Vicente Sancho Tello), nº 79 (Aragón - Ernesto Ferrer) y nº 80 (Amadeo de Saboya)