Legacy of Al Capone

You are on the verge of old house, which fell into disrepute in time of bootleggers and smugglers in the United States. Now it's a summer house with a wine cellar... But according to legends, one of the most brutal and successful gang of gangsters, that ever been, did here their caches! Your goal is — to find the first bottle of Macallan Whiskey factory, and collectors will beseech you to sell it at for any price!
Difficulty 7/10
60 minutes
For escape the room
2 – 5 players
Possible number of players in room
Players from 8 to 16 only with parents
Real-live escape adventure starts here!
2 players – 44€ (22€ x 2)
3 players – 54€ (18€ x 3)
4 players – 64€ (16€ x 4)
5 players – 70€ (14€ x 5)
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