How it works

Create your team
Are you ready for a new experience and feel the difference with everything you have tried before? Escape games are a leisure activity to be done in a team. You can arm your super team with colleagues, or you can invite your girlfriend, best friends or cousins.
How long have you seen your grandpas or nephews? Why won´t you tell them to come with us and have fantastic fun time together? We promise it will be unforgettable for everyone.
Book the game
When you have gathered a team of 2-5 people, choose one of our rooms and reserve one of the available hours. Do not think too much to choose, we guarantee you will like any of our games.
The booking form disappears quickly from the screen, so go and choose with no doubts!
Come to play
We are waiting for your team to arrive about 10 minutes before the reserved time, to be able to accommodate and to get prepared to start the adventure! Please do not forget that if you are late more than 10 minutes, the game will be played with a shorter time.
Should your delay be over 15 minutes, you will lose the reservation, we are sorry!
Time flies
Encourage your team! You only have 60 minutes to escape from the room. There is no other way out.
But there is a lot of adrenaline, passion and unforgettable emotions!
The 60 minutes escape will be the most extraordinary challenge you have ever had in your life!
Use your brain
It does not take much physical strength to escape from the room, what you will need is your erudition, logical thinking and attention to details.
You will be surprised by your intellectual abilities and those of your team, which you would discover in the game.
Do not miss the opportunity to live that finding out!
Pay attention to details
There will be various smart elements to help your team to accomplish the mission, you will just have to find them!
Explore well all the room space full of codes and keys that can be of various forms and sizes.
Let no one escape from you!
Ask for the keys
The GameMaster will be there to help you if necessary.
He can give you some keys to guide you about the next possible step.
Escape from the room
Your team's objective is to get the last key that to open the exit door.
That is the moment of maximum joy for the people that accompanies you!
The grade of emotion is exalted and your brightest and bravest team are in the seventh heaven!
Are you still thinking if you really want to escape with us?
Feel the difference. Escape

What's next ?

If you managed to get out within 60 minutes by solving all the puzzles. If not, we know that you did your best.
Share the joy
Go to our exclusive Selfie-wall, get a super photo and share your experience with family, friends or colleagues.
Book the other room
Choose the next room and quickly reserve the best available time slot.
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